Scale of Charges


This explains the moneys that you will be asked to pay to NMC Property. Please read this carefully

1) Tenancy setting up Fee, Per Person: £175.00
A setting up fee will always be charged whenever a tenant moves into a property. This includes referencing.

2) Pre Tenancy Cancellation Fee, Per person £50.00
A Charge is made should the letting not proceed by fault of the proposed tenant, deducted from the tenancy Set Up Fee, along with the Referencing Charges.

3) Late Payment Penalties: £42.00
Rent is always due on a given date. If your rent is more than 7 days late and we have written chasing payment, a fee will always be charged. To avoid this charge, please ensure your rent payments are always paid on time.

4) Dishonoured Cheques and Other Breaches: £36.00
A Charge will be made for each presentation when a cheque is dishonoured. Any Breach of the lease which prompts correspondence will be charged at the same rate, per letter, until resolved.

5) Renewal of Agreements: 6 months £42.00 12 months £66.00
The Renewal fee (including issuing new agreements) becomes due for a 6 month or 12 month renewal (inclusive of Stamp Duty fee if applicable.

6) Checking the Inventory on Move Out £66.00
On vacating a property there will be a charge for checking the inventory, and processing the deposit return.

7) Late Move Out Fee: £60.00
If a tenant is not ready for a prearranged move out appointment, and we have to re-schedule the time, this fee will be charged for the broken appointment.

8) Damage to the property:
The tenant will be charged for any cleaning or damage at the end of your tenancy. The amount of this would depend upon the condition of the property. The better the condition the less any possible billing would be. Content Insurance is recommended to protect your deposit from deductions made as a result of accidental damage or loss occurring to yours or the Landlords property or possessions.

9) Dispute Resolution Minimum fee: £60.00
To fulfil the compliance conditions regarding the taking and holding of deposits, and considering their return at the end of a tenancy, incurs the minimum fee if the sums are disputed.
Where the amount of a deposit return is disputed, this minimum fee will be charged, for the submission of the arguments to arbitration, through resolution, to return.

10) Early Surrender of a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement: £450.00
The landlord is under no obligation to accept an early surrender of the Tenancy Agreement. However, under certain exceptional circumstances, Tenants may be able to terminate their Tenancy early. For the avoidance of doubt the conditions which must be met are:
10a) The Landlord must be in full agreement.
10b) The Replacements Tenants must be referenced and approved by
10c) The Reletting Costs is to be borne by the Outgoing Tenant.
10d) Only upon the signing of a New tenancy Agreement by the New tenant will the original tenants obligations cease.

11) Special Notes:
a) All fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate
b) All fees are subject to change after one month's notice.