Scale of Charges

Schedule of Applicable Charges. Revised 1st January 2015. All inclusive of VAT unless ***

Set Up Letting £150.00 Due on each occasion of New Letting

Energy Performance Certificates £90.00 Obligatory on all new lettings. Lasts 10 years

Electrical Inspection Certificates POA Statutory Obligation

Periodic Electrical Inspection POA Recommended Review every 2 years

Gas Safety Inspections POA Annual Statutory Obligation

New Inventories all per bedrooms Inventory Updates

New Inventories 1,2 £102.00 Inventory Update 1/2 £60.00
New Inventories 3 £120.00 Inventory Update 3 £95.00
New Inventories 4 £138.00 Inventory Update 4 £115.00
New Inventories 5 £162.00 Inventory Update 5 £135.00

Rent Collection & Management ***Agreed TBA Applied on all Rent Collected

Repair Supervision and Payment 0.00% *** excl of VAT See Below 1,& 2
Repair Limit £200.00 See Below 3

Risk Assessments/Property Inspections £40.00 See Below 5

6 month Lease Renewals £42.00 Both Parties Consulted
12 month Lease Renewals £66.00 Both Parties Consulted
Deposit Registration Fee £36.00 See Below 6
Deposit Dispute Resolution Fee £60.00 See Below 6

FICO Registration and Annual Submission £54.00 Overseas Working or Resident Landlords only

Abortive Letting £60.00 Applied Only Where Landlord Withdraws

1).Where detailed repairs or improvements, involving multiple quotations and visits, are instigated on your behalf, and the value of works is likely to be over £500, we reserve the right to make a charge of 5% of the potential spend, plus VAT or a minimum fee of £50 plus VAT, whichever is the higher.

2).Any occasion of Repair Arrangement and/or Supervision involving an Insurance Claim, a Fee will become due calculated on a quantum meruit basis, or as a percentage of the spend, and recovered in accordance with the Scale of Charges.

3).This sets a figure for any repair over which we MUST consult with the client before any action or cost is undertaken, other than in an emergency situation, such as burst pipes, flooding, or fire. Most repairs are not so urgent that there is not sufficient time to start a consultation process but a realistic figure allows for clear
management within a clearly defined cost parameter.

4).It should be specifically noted that the SERVICES quoted above do not include services involved for enforcement action against defaulters or breaches of covenant, nor for undertaking, if relevant, other negotiations on your behalf, where a fee will be charged on a quantum meruit basis. No action would be taken without your express prior written approval.

5).Over the last few years the statutory obligations for Landlords have steadily increased. We now consider that our inspections must become full risk assessments in order to maintain compliance with the Health and Safety conditions imposed. To save both time and money for both parties we have combined this function and will charge after each inspection at a discounted rate, namely £40 incl. per inspection.

6).Further to the above, Para 5, regarding statutory obligations, the level of work involved in fulfilling the compliance conditions regarding the taking and holding of deposits, and considering their return at the end of a tenancy, leaves us with no alternative but to introduce these minimal charges. In a dispute scenario, this will be
charged at 10% of the recovered sum, plus VAT, subject to a minimum of £60 inclusive.